A Fabulous Jewelry Store in Orvieto!

While staying in Orvieto this October I asked my friend Velia DeAngelis (more about Velia later)  if she knew of a great jewelry store in Orvieto.  Si Si ( si means'yes' in Italian)she replied that her friend Monica Coscioni has a beautiful shop in Orvieto.  And 'si', ' si' ,  my daughter and I went the next morning.  You can only imagine what we accomplished there! We easily navigated through the streets and arrived on time at 10am in the morning.  We rang the bell and Monica greeted us at the door and welcomed us into her studio/store.  Much of her creations, and I mean creations, were on display.  It is best to have her explain her creations and show you how they can be worn.  She is quite clever and her jewelry is beyond beautiful.  You can even watch her as she creates her jewelry as her studio is part of her store.

Everyone in Orvieto knows Monica!  Lovely and creative woman.  I now have a favorite jewelry store in Italy.

Spazio Manassei Gioielli is located on Via Adolfo Cozza 11/13 in Orvieto Italy.  Visit her website and view all her creations. Let me know what you think!

  She is hoping to open a store in Rome near the Spanish Steps before the holidays.  On my next tour to Italy, this spring, which by the way is sold out, I am going to bring the ladies there so they can see her beautiful creation.  They, I know, will want to purchase  a creation or two!  I know I will add to my collection.  I have already recieved many compliments!

If you go to visit Monica in Orvieto please tell her that I sent you!  You will not be disappointed !