Genova or Genoa

Since Gourmet Getaways' group was staying on the Italian Riviera and Genoa was only a little more than one hour away form our hotel (more on that later), I knew we had to go to Genoa to see what it was all about.  Much to my surprise we all fell in love with it.

It is the sixth largest city in Italy and it is overshadowed by Rome, Florence Milan and Venice.


Our guide met us at Piazza de Ferrari and off we went to experience the ancient narrow streets, the many piazzas both large and small, a historic café for a cappuccino break, a pesto cooking class demonstration and tasting.


The narrow streets were full of fresh produce, fish and ancient stores which is still very active today.


Remember it is one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage cities.  The city is abundant with Renaissance architecture.  We strolled on Via Garibaldi and marveled at the structural design of these ancient palazzos, some of which are now banks.

IMG_0434 (002)2.jpg

Since I am a chocoholic I wanted to taste and purchase excellent chocolate and I did!  There is an excellent chocolate shop called:  P.Romanengo fu Stefano located on Via Roma 51.  It is one of the oldest confectioners in Genova.  It all began in 1780.  It uses only the best ingredients.  If you are in the area it is well worth a visit to this beautiful and delicious confectioner shop!


I would definitely go back to this city as it is too large to explore it in its entirety in one day.