The Importance of Travel Insurance

You book your trip, your Travel Agent highly recommends you purchase trip insurance, you think to yourself:  Nothing can happen to me!


Travel insurance covers you while traveling.  Suppose you need medical transport back to the U.S.  Or you misplace your medicines that you left behind at the previous hotel. Travel insurance can help you get your prescription refilled. 

REMEMBER:  Most US health insurances will not cover you fully outside of the US.  If and when you purchase insurance please know that Travel insurance is always there to help you 24 hours a day.

Travel insurance also covers you before you leave for your trip.   You may need to cancel before you leave because of work or illness.  A relative or you become sick and you must cancel your vacation and you cannot get back that non-refundable deposit.  Travel insurance will help you get back that deposit. Cancel for any Reason allows you to do just that.

You arrive at your destination but your luggage does not.  Travel insurance will help you with your reimbursement for lost or delayed luggage.

When purchasing your insurance, it is important to purchase it within 15 days of the deposit date so that you can get FULL coverage.  You can purchase up to 24 hours prior to your travel plans and it will cover most things BUT not everything.


Travel Tips:

1.       Make copies of your passport and leave at least one home.  Store your passport in the hotel safe and keep a copy with you while traveling.

2.      Make copies of your credit cards and again leave one copy home and store the copies in the hotel safe.  Make sure you can clearly read the international customer service phone number.

3.      Call you credit card company and alert them about your travel plans.

4.      Check with your bank and do the same especially if you have a debit card and will be using that for the local currency.

5.      Remember to ask your credit card company about their foreign transaction fees.

Safe Travels!


amalfi-rome2011 168forinsurance.jpg

Travel Tips for Italy

Italy trip Fall 2008 260

Italy trip Fall 2008 260

Here are some travel tips that I always pass on to my clients.

  • Make 2 copies of your passport - take one with you and leave the other copy home with a family member.
  • I suggest everyone get a visa debit card - if you do not have please apply for one as soon as possible. Alert your bank that you will be using your visa debit card in Italy. Otherwise your account may be frozen and you will not be able to access euros.
  • Use the visa debit card to obtain euors while in Italy.
  • When making purchases use your credit card
  • Make two copies (both front and back) of your credit card and visa card. Bring one copy with you and leave the other copy home with a family member.
  • Expect cool mornings and evenings so be prepared to layer your clothing.
  • Always bring an umbrella. I cannot guarantee sunny weather.
  • Wear or bring comfortable shoes since we will be doing a lot of walking.
  • You may wish to buy ear plugs to use during the flight to Italy.
  • You may wish to go to your bank to obtain a few euros before you leave.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended. Purchase Travel Guard here.
  • Verify your medical insurance coverage before you leave the states.
  • Leave copies of your itinerary and copies of your passport with responsible individuals at home.
  • Access the State Department website for current information concerning your proposed travel locations.