Ostia Antica - an easy visit from Rome

About 30 minutes from Rome lies Ostia Antica!  During our stay in Rome I arranged for a morning tour of this ancient site.  It was a clear day with mild temperatures so it was perfect day to tour this ancient park.  We met our guide at the hotel and drove 30 minutes to Ostia Antica.  I highly recommend having a guide so that they can tell you about the history of this ancient port. Ostica Antica was an ancient port for Rome located right  on the mouth of the Tiber River.  It was founded in the 4th BC by rich businessmen, merchants, sailors and slaves.  There are many parts to this ancient ruin including: Decumanus Maximus ( the main city street), the Forum, the theatre, Capitolium, an elaborate bath complex,  which still contain beautiful mosaics.  These are just a few mentioned features of this ancient park.

The entire park is quite extensive and can take you up to three hours to explore so wear comfortable shoes!  The entrance fee is 4 euros, and accessible by subway from Rome.  Well worth the visit to see how the people of Rome lived many years ago!  Rome’s answer to Pompeii – only older!