Dining in Orvieto

Gourmet Getaways was off on another excusive tour this fall and brought fifteen eager travelers.  The tour began in Orvieto, which was our base for the next four days.  We visited such towns as Torgiano, Deruta, Montefalco and Norcia and included wine tasting, visiting the ceramic factories in Deruta, olive oil tasting and more! Our food and wine, while in Umbria, was beyond our expectations.  It began with a meal in Orvieto , Venusos, which is located in the piazza steps from the Duomo.  The chef uses all local and fresh ingredients.  Each of the three dishes were paired with local Umbrian wines, which only enhanced the experience.  We enjoyed every mouthful! Luca’s  philosophy is: “Life is too shore to drink bad wine.”   I highly recommend this trattoria in Orvieto.

Our other dining experience while in Orvieto was at the Champagneria, behind the Duomo. We enjoyed a twelve course tasting lasting three hours! We toasted another great night filled with wonderful food and champagne.   Velia and Gianluca were great hosts.  Velia is a fantastic chef![gallery columns="2"]

It was another wonderful ’food’ experience!

A Visit to La Champagneria Orvieto

During my tour of Umbria this October with my group of twelve people we visited my friend’s, Velia DeAngelis, Champagneria in Orvieto, located behind the Duomo in Piazza Marconi 2. This delightful champagne bar serves the most delicious appetizers and has a wonderful selection of champagnes.  We could have stayed here the entire evening!  We came a little on the early side because we had dinner reservations for later that evening but next time I will definitely skip the dinner.  No need for dinner when you can indulge in all the wonderful appetizers at this bar.  We had everything from roasted olives to stuffed foccaccia and more!  Velia DeAngelis is a fantastic chef!  She uses only the freshest of ingredients.  Two hours of pure indulgence!  As  we departed that evening, we all spied the fruit tart on the bar counter.  She happily sliced off a piece for each of us.  We all marveled at the buttery and tender crust and the savory fruit filling.  It was beyond compare!

It was a great way to start our busy week exploring Umbria, it’s food and especially it’s wines.

When I return to Orvieto, which I hope is soon, I am definitely returning to La Champagneria Orvieto.  I encourage you to go to this bar and tell them Gourmet Getaways sent you.  You will not be disappointed.[gallery columns="2"]