Shopping for Fresh Pasta in Rome !

[gallery] While on tour in Rome, our chef, Daniela, took us shopping for our fresh pasta at Pasta Fresca Mea, across the street from the Testaccio market in Rome.  This store has been in existence since 1947.  While we were there they were busy making fresh lasagna, spinach and cheese stuffed cannelloni, and tortellini stuffed with pumpkin, which is very popular in Rome during the fall.

Their display case was full of fresh ravioli, tagliatelle, gnocchi di patate, Roman rice balls and more!  Daniela ordered fresh fettuccini, which was cut to order.  This was a necessary ingredient for the fettuccini with artichokes and pancetta.

 If you are ever in the Testaccio area of Rome you must stop by, but do it early in the morning when they are busy creating their pastas!  While you are there don’t forget to visit Volpetti, a specialty food store at Via Marmorata 47.