The Best Balsamic Vinegar

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine gave me a gourmet gift.  She told me it was 'delicious' and that she just loved her little bottle of balsamic vinegar.  Of cousrse, I thanked her very much for thinking of me. I do love salads and every day, well almost everyday, at lunch I make myself a great salad with fresh fruit, dried fruit, spinach leaves and whatever I find in the refrigerator.  This one day I decided to use some of this balsamic vinegar made with Sicilian lemons.  Needless to say, this vinegar is a product from Modena, Italy which is where all THE BEST balsamic vinegar comes from!

Well am I in love with this vinegar?  Oh indeed!  I could drink it.  As soon as I finish this bottle I am going on line to order more to fulfill my craving for the best balsamic vinegar.

It is imported by Gustare, so if you want to order some for yourself, or some of their other products, I have provided their link.  Go ahead and treat yourslef.  You will not be disappointed!