A Good Pizza in Maplewood NJ

Finding a good pizza in the states is very difficult especially after having pizza in Italy.  My standards are high and I am always comparing what I have had in Italy. One snowy Saturday I decided to drag my husband with me to Arturo's in Maplewood NJ.  I wanted to try this little osteria for myself so off we went!  Upon entering I quickly surveyed the specials but had my heart set on eating pizza.

We sat down at the table and the waiter told us that the owner has spent a lot of time in Italy learning the art of pizza making in Naples and has traveled throughout Italy.  Piedmont is his favorite region.

We studied the menu.  First I ordered a salad topped with gorganzola cheese and dressed with a light vinegar dressing.  I think the salad greens were picked that morning.

  My husband decided that we would select two individual pizzas.  My husband chose the pizza with sausage and mushroom pizza drizzled with truffle oil.  Mine, of course, was a margherita pizza.

We were pleasantly surpised when we took our first bites.  The crust was thin and slightly charred on the bottom.  As it should be!  The toppings were delicious and as he bit into his pie he could smell the truffle oil.  Oh sooo good!

I could just about finish my pie so I took the rest home!

However, as soon a I got in the door, guess what I did?  I finished the two remaining pieces and loved every bite!

I will definitely go back and try another version.  I encourage you to do the same.  Well worth the trip.