Cooking in Orvieto with Velia DeAngelis

During my most recent trip to Italy with my daughter, we traveled to Orvieto, my favorite medieval town, and took a cooking class with Velia DeAngelis at Compagnia dei  Buongustai, which is a cooking school located in Orvieto.   Her cooking partner, Maurizio di Mario, owns a pastry shop in Orvieto(more about that later) and we cooked sooo much gooood food that we did not need to have dinner that evening.  We started with making stuffed rolls made with sausage and cheese, then on to liver pate, home made pasta, rolled and stuffed eggplant, stuffed boneless chicken thighs and a fruit tart and cookies that were just heaven. Velia taught us how to make fresh pasta the old fashioned way using a rolling pin!  She made it look so easy.  It was so light and tender. 

The rolled eggplant stuffed with arugela, cherry tomatoes and ricotta salata was so tasty and tender.  A vegetarian would be thrilled with this dish!

Last year,when I took my group to her Champagneria we each left with a taste of her fruit tart.  Well this class she taught us how to make it and I will definitely give it a go!  It was so buttery, tender and flaky.     The secret  is using the highest quality of butter!  Thanks to my daughter and her hi tech camera here are a few pictures of the delicious tart.

Taking a cooking class with Velia is a real treat.  She is so funny and a very creative chef that you will come away with a full stomach and desire to recreate these recipes when you return.  Remember the secret is in the ingredients.

If you would like to take  a cooking class with Velia just contact Gourmet Getaways and we would be more than happy to make the arrangements!  You will be sure to have a wonderful time.