The Sistine Chapel is closed. Now What?


I recently had a conversation with one of my suppliers and we were talking about the fact that many travelers are upset that they cannot take the complete Vatican – Sistine Chapel tour as the Sistine Chapel is closed and they would like a refund.


Get a grip people!  This is Italy and all of the tour guides in Rome can manage changes like this.  You must be flexible when you travel.  You will be in Rome during the making of history!

I remember taking a small group to Italy and the day we left for Italy the pope died.  I knew there would be changes along the way but it did not bother me.  I was thrilled to be in Rome during this event.  And an event it was!    We arrived in Rome on the day of his funeral.  The private bus had to leave us two blocks from the hotel which was located on the Vatican side of Rome.  We dragged our bags along the cobblestone streets and when we entered the hotel we left our bags and joined the crowds.  We still remember the experience and still talk about to this day.  We also were scheduled to see the Sistine Chapel on our tour but it was closed!

What did we do?  We continued with your plans and enjoyed  the rest of the tour which included the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Enjoy Rome people! Be a better traveler by immersing yourself in the local culture rather than being a tourist!

Any of you readers experience changes in your itinerary while in Italy?  What was the outcome?  Did you still enjoy yourself?