Wining and Dining in Naples Florida!

Speaking of food! let me give you a few recommendations since my objective besides enjoying my rounds of golf was to go shopping and eat good food! As you exit the Inn of Fifth Ave you can go either turn left or right and encounter many restaurants offering their best fare!  We decided to turn left this night.  Many  restaurants were full of eater and the streets were full of eager hungry people on the prowl for good food.  Our noses brought us to Pazzo!  They were willing  to seat us, since we were only two, but I do recommend you make a reservation!  We both had delicious and very fresh salads to start. Their claim to fame is their homemade pasta.  We both had pasta dishes that night and the pasta was tender and light, the way is should be.  Over all I would definitely go back to this restaurant.  Oh! By the way, their chocolate soufflé was great!  The center was oozing of chocolate – the way I like it!


Roy’s Hawaiian Cuisine, across Tamiami Road is another great choice.  We had a party of six people and everything was done to perfection even the dessert.

Sea Salt in the historic section (3rd Street South) is a relatively new restaurant.  That evening it was extremely crowded and the kitchen was in full swing.  My dinner was ok so I would recommend that if you are going to Naples during high season go here for lunch when it is not so crazy!  I will give this restaurant another chance.  It has an extensive wine list!

Another restaurant in this area is Campiella, which I understand is very very good, however I was not able to get reservations there -so next time I will book well in advance.

My favorite above all was Bistro 821 on Fifth Ave South. Every dish was done to perfection and I am going back to this restaurant!  Chef Jesse Housman uses only the freshest of ingredients. A very innovative cuisine!  Going back here for sure!

Oh!  Want to get a good pizza in town?  Oh yes you can!  One evening I decided I needed to have my own pizza and a glass of wine.  So off we went to RossoPomodoro, which means red tomato.  I was a little hesitant at first since this is a chain restaurant but decided to go ahead and take my chances.  The restaurant,   originated in Italy with a few in the USA, was very crowded so I thought it couldn’t be that bad!  Want a delicious brick oven pizza?  Go here and you will not be disappointed.  This is the only way pizza should be baked!  With the ovens roaring over 900 degrees the bottom is slightly charred, a good sign. Every ingredient is fresh and from Italy.  In fact our food was so good we went back for lunch one day and had a tasty calzone!  Again the dough was tender and light!


If you are interested in good weather, great shopping, especially on 3rd Street South filled with boutique shops, great golf and great accommodations, head south to Naples Florida that is.  You will not be disappointed!