London Part II



Being a travel agent I knew I had a lot of planning to do especially since this would be our first time to London. I needed to be very close to Hyde Park. That was my main criteria. I found a hotel and made the reservations for September 2013 in August 2012.

Now the logistics of planning this adventure were endless! It was not an easy task to plan an itinerary because the World Triathlon Championships were scheduled from September 12 - 15 and she did not get specific instructions until 6 weeks prior.

We needed to get a special box for the bike so that is could fly with us. She was not going to consider sending the bike by Fed Ex. Out of the question! So she borrowed the box from a friend, had the bike dismantled, found a car company with a van big enough that could transport us with the bike and we were off! We had to do the same when we arrived in London!

Thank goodness there was one around the corner as the bike store had to assemble the bike.

All went well except for the weather. It rained when we arrived and the next day and the next.

Sunday came and again so did the bad weather. She began the event at 10:30am and by 11:00 the clouds rolled in and the wind kicked in. Not the best conditions!

We were there to cheer her on as well as a few friends from California. Despite the cold, rain and wind we were all glad to be part of her cheering committee!

She finished and did very well. It was an exciting time for everyone!




After the race and picture taking we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up and thaw out!

We though it best to celebrate at a pub so off went to the Pheonix in Covent Gardens.  Everyone was so hungry, especially Elana that we started eating about 4:30pm. They had a nice selections of beers and burgers.  For some reason we were all in need of a good burger. 

This was our beginning of our pub experience. I believe while in London we frequented four pubs in all and believe me the food at each one was quite different. So I am going to list them and let you know if I would return.

Ye Grapes - in the Shepard Market - I would return.

The Phoenix - I would return as the burgers were very good.

The Porter's Pub in Covent Gardens - definitely go back and their desserts were worth it.

Lamb and Flag - Not sure I would return although it is one of the oldest pubs in London

Just to let you know there are pubs everywhere in London. Sometimes, two within one block.

One favorite burger of the men was the burger with chorizo sausage! Try it - you may like it.

Of course we celebrated the entire week while in London.