Cooking Roman Dishes in Rome!

[gallery] While on my tour of Italy this fall I took my group for a cooking lesson in Rome.  Our chef, Daniela, met us for a tour of the Testaccio Markets.  First we went into a pasta store and watched as they made all the pastas by hand.  They were busy filling cannelloni, making lasagna and tortellini.  Then we crossed the street and entered the market area, which was filled with fresh vegetables, fish, meats, fresh breads and fruits. We finished purchasing all our fresh ingredients and then we walked to her apartment in the Aventine hill section of Rome. 

We were quite excited to get started. We gathered around her kitchen and reviewed the recipes while we sipped our cup of espresso. The lesson consisted of:  fettuccini with artichokes (in season of course), veal saltimboca (using only the freshest of sage, which was picked from her herb garden), and a delicious dessert made with ricotta cheese and chocolate.  Some of us participated and others watched!  This is the advantage of a small intimate group.  Now we were ready to taste the fruits of our labor!  We sat at a beautiful table set with fresh flowers and beautiful linens, which only enhanced Daniela’s hospitality. Our meal began with fresh ricotta cheese and bruschetta topped with red ripe tomatoes, which you can only find in Rome.  The fettuccini with the artichokes and pancetta was out of this world. The hand made fettuccini was so light and tender.  The veal Saltimboca was better than any restaurant could have prepared.  The chocolate ricotta dessert was so light and delicious.  It was presented with chocolate gelato topped with candied orange pieces. Let us not forget the after dinner drinks. Is your mouth watering yet? Daniela is the perfect host and chef.   We had a most enjoyable lesson and now we were ready to walk back to the center of Rome. 

If you are at all interested in taking a cooking lesson allow Gourmet Getaways to make the connection for you.  It is quite the experience!  And should not be missed