Take yourself to Salumeria Rosi in NYC!

A few weeks ago I ventured into the city for my hair appointment, of course.  Afterwards I met my daughter and we took a cab to Salumeria Rosi on Amsterdam Ave. 

We were lucky and we were seated outside.  We both ordered cocktails to celebrate the beautiful weather in hopes that it would continue for the rest of the summer.  Before long our order was before us.  I ordered a Porchetta Sandwich.  Delicious!  My daughter ordered a Poached egg served on top of creamy polenta. Bother were served with a small salad.  Of couse we were not leaving until we had dessert.  So we ordered a Semifreddo (translation - half cold) and  a plate of  Italian cookies.

See for yourself from the pictures.  You will not be disappointed.

And now for dessert!

So treat yourself.  Go to Salumeria Rosi located at 283 Amsterdam Ave.The chef, Cesare Casella did a wonderful job creating an appetizing menu !