Great Gelato here in New Jersey!

Gelato 002[gallery] Attention all you ice cream lovers!  When I go to Italy I must indulge my cravings for gelato and have been known for having it more than once in one day!  Ice cream does not come close to the creaminess and light texture of gelato.  Now I will say that all gelato, in Italy, is not equal.

 The other day I was going to a meeting in Florham Park, NJ and a sign caught my attention:  Angelato’s Heavenly Ice Cream (Florham Park, NJ).  Needless to say after the meeting I had to investigate this new ice cream store.  Ice cream?  It offered every imaginable flavor of gelato !  Upon entering, I thought I was in Italy between the display of gelato to the ambiance of the place.  So of course I tasted a few flavors.  It was heavenly !  The next evening my son, who is equally crazy over gelato, and I took the ride to Angelato’s.  I kept saying, ’It is worth the ride’.

As we entered our taste buds were in over drive.  They kept offering us tastings and then finally we settled upon our favorite flavor, noccello, which is made from hazelnuts. We were in heaven !  This is a well worth the visit.