Pizza in Rome at Da Remo

While in Rome during one of my tours, I felt everyone needed to go to a Roman pizzeria.  Pizza in Rome is quite different than pizza in Naples.  Let me explain.  Roman pizza is very thin litte sauce and cheese while pizza made in Naples is a little thicker, has more of a crust and definitely charred on the bottom. So, one evening there was a small group of us, five to be exact, that decended on Da Remo in the Testaccio section of Rome.  We arrived by taxi and many people were congregating by the door but we managed to get ourselves noticed and asked for a table.  The fact that many people were waiting to eat at this place was a good indication of the good pizza we were about to encounter.

We were seated at the table, given the menus which we carefully read, and we were also given a chit and pencil so that we could fill out what we wanted to order.

After much discussion we placed our order.  Within a few minutes everyone had their personal size pizza!

Since everyone ordered something different we had the chance to sample many of the different offerings that Da Remo has on the menu.  Each and every one  of the pizzas were delicious and not smothering in sauce or cheeses but just right! Full of flavor and done to perfection.

de remo

de remo

da remo pizza

da remo pizza

This was worth the experience and I would definitely return to this local pizzeria.

Just look at this wood burning oven.  I wonder how many pizzas they make in one day?

ovens in da remo

ovens in da remo

Hint:  When going out for dinner in Rome and you need to get back to your hotel, best to have the restaurant call you a cab!  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a cab on your own and this is the best solution.

A Favorite Restaurant in Rome – L’Asino D’Oro

Whenever I go to Italy I always like to try new restaurants.  This fall when Gourmet Getaways brought 15 eager travelers to Italy I knew had to try some new restaurants when we arrived in Rome.  Br. Paul Diveny, from Delbarton School, and I knew that we would have some followers for dinner one evening.  I had been doing a lot of research before leaving the states and knew that I wanted to try L’Asino d’ Oro. There were six of us that evening.  Since we were staying at the Palazzo Manfredi it was not a difficult walk from the hotel but I would suggest you take a cab.

Lucio Sforza, the chef, is originally from Orvieto so his cuisine is Umbrian.  He is very adventurous in mixing his ingredients.  His creations are over the top.  There was so much to choose from that it was very difficult to make a decision.  We all decided that we were going to order as many different dishes as we could and none of us were disappointed!

He has an extensive wine list that will not break the bank.  Everyone had an appetizer and main dish.  Of course we were very thrilled with the entire meal, including desserts.

If you are going with a small group I suggest you make a reservation.  Go a little early as the locals will fill up the restaurant later in the evening.

As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed the jar of biscotti.  The manager offered me two which I gladly took.  I  never refuse biscotti.  They were delicious and I wish I could have had more!  Crunchy and full of flavor!

I highly recommend this restaurant.  When I return to Rome I will definitely go back here!  Go with an appetite and be daring in your selection.  You will not be disappointed.

L’Asino d’Oro on Via del  Boschetto – go there on your next visit.  Maybe I will see you there!