Grand Hotel Tremezzo - the Best Hotel on Lake Como

I may have blogged about this hotel before but let me refresh your memory.  I brought a group of twenty to this divine hotel .  We spent our last 3 nights of the tour here.  What better place can you be on Lake Como than at this hotel!

The rooms both lake view and park view are excellent.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  The food is delicious and let me say the breakfast each morning was beyond your imagination. 

The terraces, there are two of them,  give you a front row view of  Lake Como so while you enjoy your breakfast and dinner you can enjoy the sights on the lake.  A great time to enjoy the vistas are later in the afternoon while you are sipping your cocktail served by the best bartender, Max, who watches over all the hotel guests staying at the hotel.   If you are on the terrace about 5pm you may be lucky to hear the church bells ringing from across the lake.


The Spa at this hotel should not be missed as it also has wonderful views of the lake as well as a relaxing atmosphere.  As you enter the spa you can almost feel yourself relax.  The pool and hotel tub are just what the doctor ordered especially after a full day touring the area.  Treat yourself to some pampering here as they only use the best products.

I enjoyed this hotel so much so that I definitely want to go back again.  I know my group had a wonderful time.  Treat yourself to a luxury hotel and stay here at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo  for at least 3 mights.